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Garbage pickup For holiday
January 11, 2017
Due to the Martin Luther King holiday on Monday January 16th, garbage pickup that week will be on Thursday January 19th instead of Monday. 
Upcoming Events
May 06, 2016

* Concerts in the Park start May 18th, see website or Facebook page for full schedule.

* The Whitesboro Fire Department will be holding their annual Memorial Day Parade May 30th at 9:30 am on Main Street.

* Farmers Market Begins June 6th and runs every Monday from 3pm-7pm in the Village Green.

* Village wide garage sale will be June 17,18.19 Please register at the Village office to be on the map.

* Village bulk trash pickup will be June 22,23,24. Please have all items to the curb June 22nd.

Special Election: Creation of the Whitestown Fire District
August 18, 2015

Special Election: Creation of the Whitestown Fire District


A Special Election will be held on


August 18, 2015

Noon - 9 PM


Village of Whitesboro registered voters may vote at the Village Office

A message From the Mayor on the Fire District Vote
August 17, 2015

From Mayor Patrick J. O'Connor

I am reaching out to you today to
ease your mind over false information being spread throughout our community in
hopes of scaring you toward voting "No" on the Whitestown Joint Fire District
Proposal.  As your Mayor, I can assure you with 100% certainty, YES
, that the Whitesboro Fire Department WILL NOT BE
as claimed by the "Concerned Citizens for Public Safety," an
ANONYMOUS group that continues to try to spread fear throughout this wonderful
community.  Regardless of how you choose to cast your vote, the brave men
and women of our Whitesboro Fire Department will continue to be proud to answer
your call in your time of need.  While I cannot use this forum to
encourage you which way to cast your vote, please know that myself and the
Board of Trustees that you elected to serve you would never do anything to
jeopardize your public safety in any way whatsoever.  We are a dedicated
board that works for your best interests and the interests of all of our small
business owners as well.  Remember, our elected board has chosen to call
Whitesboro home, conduct business here, and raise our families here.  I am
proud of our community and as your Mayor will fight each and every day to make
sure that your interests, the interests of your family, and our small business
owners are protected and represented to the best of our ability.

The attached link is of an interview
that I was asked to conduct on WIBX during the 8:00 a.m. hour this
morning.  While the interview is lengthy, it is important that you know
the facts around the issue of tomorrow's vote.  Again, while I cannot
campaign one way or another on this forum and encourage you how to vote, it is
absolutely crucial that you be educated about all the facts surrounding the
issue.  I stand by the entire content of my claims in this interview and
am proud to have had the opportunity to speak openly as your Mayor.  I
hope the interview provides clarity for you of all of the facts that surround
this issue.

I wish you and your
families well, and encourage you to make your voices heard tomorrow, Tuesday,
August 18
th.  Polls are
open from Noon - 9:00 p.m. at our Village Office on Moseley Street



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Printed On January 14, 2017