Whitesboro Village Court

8 Park Avenue
Whitesboro NY 13492
736-4353 opt 1
Hours of Operation:

Thursdays 9:30 am until noon

Ermelindo Laracuente Jr.
Village Justice
Phone: 315-736-4353
Christopher Clarkin
Acting Juctice
What you should know

Where is Court Held?

Village Court is at 8 Park Ave in the Village
of Whitesboro. 

What days do the Judges hold court?

 Court is held Thursdays at 9:30AM.


Who do I call for information on my court date or other concerns.

Call only the court in which you are to appear. Court room telephones are only
answered when the court clerk is present. Therefore call only
on Thursdays after 9:30 AM. You may leave a message on the courts voicemail
system on non court days
other department can answer questions or take messages for the court system.


What are the business hours on court days?

Court business is conducted between 9:30 AM - noon on court days.



How do I pay a parking ticket?

A parking ticket can be paid by either sending a money order with the ticket to
the court address, deposited in the secured drop box outside the Court
entrance or by appearing in person between 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM on Tuesdays
or Thursdays (excluding Holidays).  Credit Cards will be
accepted.   No credit card payments will be accepted by phone. 

Can I send or pay with a personal check?

Cash, money orders or credit cards are the only acceptable method of payment for
fines. Personal checks will not be accepted.  Credit Card payments will
not be accepted by phone. 


I just want to mail in the ticket and pay the fine. What is the process?

Follow the procedures written on the back of your ticket. There are no set fines in
New York State therefore we will be contacting you as to the amount of your


What if I can not read my ticket as to date or court?
Immediately contact the police agency that issued the ticket. They will gladly advise you
as to the proper date and court.

What if I disagree with the charges on the ticket?

The court is the judicial branch that interprets the law. Show up at the scheduled
time and date to plea your case. Your options will then be explained.

How do I know if I need an attorney?

If you are unsure of the charges or how to proceed then you may need to consult an
attorney. However, this is an individual decision.

Can I reschedule the time and day of my appearance if I am working or out of town?

If you are charged with a violation you may plea by mail therefore avoiding the
necessity to appear in person on the given date and time. However if you are
charged with a misdemeanor you must appear in person on the given day and time.

What is the limit for a small claim?

To file a small claim in civil court it must involve no more than $3000 in

Can I file a small claim in any court?

No the small claim action must be filed in the court that has jurisdiction where
the defendant lives or works.

What do I need to file a small claim?

You must appear in person on Thursdays after 9:30 AM to file the claim. Please
bring the $10 filing fee and the Name and Address of the person whom you are
serving. For detailed information visit:
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